Mr. Almas Otynshiyev is Almaty Branch Manager at Fincroft, a global company operating in 50 countries with its Head Office in the U.K. The core business of the company includes workforce, management, recruitment, logistics and travel, HSE and legal services. Prior to joining Fincroft Mr. Otynshiyev worked for mining and oil and gas companies in Kazakhstan. Mr. Otynshiyev has also conducted intensive research on historical and modern ties between Central Asia and South Asia and is the author of several publications related to the role of the Scythian and Turk rule in India in ancient and medieval epochs. Mr. Otynshiyev holds an MBA with a double major in Finance and Management from Bang College of Business at the Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research (2009), a BA in Hindi Language and History of South Asia from Kazakh National University, named after al-Farabi (2005), and a Hindi Language Advanced Diploma from University of Delhi, India (2003).