Mr. Badamdash Dashdavaa is the Director of the Administration and Human Resources Department at the National University of Mongolia providing operational support services for the management and employees of the University. Prior to joining NUM in October 2018 he served as CEO of the Mongolian Media Corporation, a leading private news production group in Mongolia, which includes Eagle News TV,, FM91.1, Ardyn Erkh (People’s Right) newspaper, Undestnii Toim (Nation’s Review) magazine and a social media team. Mr. Dashdavaa joined the Corporation in 2014 and has implemented an interesting civic engagement project “Voice of the People,” utilizing the concept and methodology of deliberative democracy town hall meetings developed by Professor James Fishkin. He has also participated in several media advocacy campaigns and hosted the evening interview series, “Eagle 2200.” Prior to joining the Mongolian Media Corporation, Mr. Dashdavaa worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia as well as in the private sector. Mr. Dashdavaa holds an MA in Political Science from Ohio Universitywith a major in Comparative Politics and International Political Economy (2003) and a BA in Political Science from the National University of Mongolia (1997).