Mr. Erdene-Urnukh Oyun is the Secretary of a Working Group on the Reforming of the Party bylaws of the Democratic Party of Mongolia. He is also in charge of coordinating activities and projects at the Research Centre for Fiscal Policy in Mongolia. From 2010-13, he served as Head of the Secretariat of the Democratic Party in Umnugobi province. Prior to joining the Democratic Party of Mongolia, from 2005-10, Mr. Oyun served as the CEO of Perfect Solution, LLC, where he worked on a wide range of research projects including private sector development strategies, socio-economic surveys, and economic and fiscal policies. Mr. Oyun holds an MSc in Economics from the University of York, UK (2015, Chevening Scholarship), an MA in Economics from the National University of Mongolia (2011) and a BA in Business from the Khan-Uul Institute (2004). His areas of interest include economics, econometrics, public policy, governance and democracy.