Mr. Dadebay Kazakov is a Business Development Manager at Petro Gas Group of Companies, a company that provides services in the onshore and offshore oil and gas sector of several countries, and that is responsible for the development of business strategy, commercial negotiations and business partnerships. Previously, Mr. Kazakov worked as a Business Development Manager at Caspian Mainport Ltd., a UK company working in the Caspian region and for the Government of Turkmenistan that oversees various departments in the Ministry of Oil and Gas Industry and Mineral Resources. While heading the Control Department at the State Agency for the Use of Hydrocarbon Resources, Mr. Kazakov handled $3 billion USD worth of PSAs by controlling the fulfillment of the projects. Mr. Kazakov holds an MS in Economics and Industry Management from the Turkmen Institute of National Economy in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan (1996), and a BS in Economic Informatics and Automated Control Systems from the State Academy of Management in Moscow, Russia (1993).