Ms. Gulya Kolakova works as an independent consultant. She consults foreign companies seeking business in Turkmenistan and helps identify potential market segments where investment is needed, especially in government infrastructure projects and trade-related businesses. In her previous job, Ms. Kolakova was a Country Representative for Arrow Petroleum Co. Ltd. in Turkmenistan. Before moving to Turkmenistan, Ms. Kolakova worked in Afghanistan for the same company, which was a major supplier of goods to the U.S. and Afghan military. Prior to that, she worked for the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency. From 2004 to 2010, Ms. Kolakova worked on various UNDP projects, at the World Bank Country Office in Kyrgyzstan and on a World Bank project in Kazakhstan. Ms. Kolakova holds an MA in Political Science from OSCE Academy, Kyrgyz Republic (2005) and received an MA in Public Policy from the Rochester Institute of Technology, New York (2004).