Hikmat Abdurahmanov


Mr. Hikmat Abdurahmanov is the Chairman of the Public Council of Khokimiyat of Tashkent City. He is a serial entrepreneur with a global focus and the Chairman of the Association for International Business and Technologies of Uzbekistan, a commercial group of companies with a staff of 100 people involved in international business including trade, finance, business tourism, logistics and advisory services, and owns a business center with a co-working space, providing various B2B services with the overall mission of serving as a bridge between Uzbek SMEs and foreign companies. Since 2006 this commercial group has delivered products for over $100 million to local SMEs that comprised over 1,000 executed contracts. Mr. Abdurahmanov is an active member in local and regional business communities, and is a public speaker and opinion leader with a personal mission of fostering a strong class of entrepreneurs in his country. Mr. Abdurahmanov holds an MA in International Business from the School of Management at St. Andrews, UK (2006), and an MA (2004) and BA (2001) in International Economic Relations from the University of World Economy and Diplomacy.