Mr. Azim Azimov is a public relations and political communications consultant and the Founder and CEO of Media Kitchen, an award-winning creative company focused on producing feature films, documentaries and commercials. In the last few years, Mr. Azimov has been actively involved in the political process in Kyrgyzstan by providing strategic communications and reputation management services to major political figures and parties. His client list includes Kyrgyzstan’s former President, several Prime Ministers, mayors of Kyrgyzstan’s largest cities and the leading factions in the Parliament. He has conducted numerous election campaigns for his clients where he served as a media strategist, spokesman or campaign manager. Mr. Azimov is also a political commentator and produces and hosts the “Context” web series about Kyrgyz politics during which he shares his take on major issues in the country. Mr. Azimov holds a BA in Mass Communication and Journalism from the American University of Central Asia (2011).