Farukh Sultonov


Mr. Farukh Sultonov is the Director of the Tajik Norwegian Centre for Sustainable Development (TajNor Consulting), and a Partner at Think Global, a Norway based consultancy firm. His areas of interest include sustainable development of CAMCA and a wider region, public-private partnerships and IT solutions. Mr. Sultonov’s core expertise is providing feasible, efficient and smart solutions for complex projects in the public and private sectors as well as PPPs in the areas of infrastructure and renewables. Prior to joining the consulting business, Mr. Sultonov held increasingly senior positions in academia, the private sector, development organizations as well as in the government. Mr. Sultonov holds an MSc in Development Economics and Policy from the University of Manchester, UK (2007), a BA in International Economics from the Tajik State University of Commerce (2004) and currently is pursuing a Ph.D. degree at the Tajik State University of Commerce.