Mr. Aram Pinajyan is a Deputy CEO and Chief Risk Officer at HSBC Bank Armenia CJSC. In this capacity he participates in all decision-making processes and management issues including negotiations with large corporate clients and liaising with the Government of Armenia. Mr. Pinajyan also chairs the Risk Management Meeting at the bank, develops the risk strategy and oversees all financial and non-financial risks. He has been with HSBC for the last 16 years in different departments and positions including working for the HSBC London Headquarters where he oversaw a $150 billion Commercial Banking portfolio in Europe and gained further skills of working in a culturally diverse environment. Mr. Pinajyan is actively involved in corporate social responsibility initiatives and projects at the bank and has participated in the Next Generation Development flagship program, which allowed him to deliver socially responsible investment projects in Indonesia’s rural development. From 2012-2015, Mr. Pinajyan was also a Board Member of the Armenian-British Business Chamber representing HSBC. Mr. Pinajyan holds a Ph.D. (2007), an MA (2004) and a BA (2002) in Finance from Yerevan State University.