Rasmina Gurbatova


Ms. RasminaGurbatova (Azerbaijan) is the Founder, Owner and Designer of Resm, the first Azerbaijani jewelry brand inspired by traditional and oriental patterns and ornaments. Inspired by ancient oriental ornaments and designs, she established Resm Jewelry in 2012. All Resm pieces come with individual descriptions explaining the design’s historical context, the origin of the ornaments depicted and the traditional patterns. As the Resm brand and demand for the product grew, Ms. Gurbatova opened her first concept boutique in 2013. Resm pieces are also represented at Heydar Aliyev International Airport’s Duty Free and the Azerbaijan State Carpet Museum. In addition, Ms. Gurbatova’s company has participated in various jewelry shows including the World Watch and Jewellery Show in Basel, Switzerland in 2016. Recently, Resm added scarfs designed with oriental patterns to their portfolio production. For the last three years, Resm also carries out social projects aimed at fostering interest in art and national heritage. Prior to establishing Resm, Ms. Gurbatova worked for the International Financial Corporation from 2003-2012. She holds an MA (2005) and a BA (2002) in International Relations and International Law from Baku State University.