Nino Zambakhidze


Ms. Nino Zambakhidze is the Chairwoman of the Georgian Farmers’ Association (GFA), an umbrella organization she co-founded in 2012 representing the interests of more than 5,000 member farmers. GFA’s mission is to protect farmers’ rights, to support them to compete in the marketplace and to increase their profitability. She is a founder of several companies, non-governmental organizations, innovative startups and digital platforms and is member of numerous governmental and non-governmental committees and boards promoting agriculture. In 2017 Ms. Zambakhidze was selected as the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leader. She is also actively involved in women empowerment issues and in February 2019 she participated in the White House ceremony launching the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative championed by Ivanka Trump and was present in the Oval Office when President Donald Trump signed the memorandum allocating $50 million to help women business owners in developing countries around the world. Ms. Zambakhidze holds an MBA in Global Management from Grenoble Graduate School of Business, France and Caucasus Business School, Georgia (2016), a Diploma with Merit in Business Organization and Management from Cambridge International College (2019), a Diploma in Sustainable Business Management from Swedish Institute Management Program (2019) and an MA in English Language and Literature from Tbilisi Technical University (2003).