Ajmal Khan Zazai


Mr. Ajmal Khan Zazai is Chairman of United Afghan Tribes and CEO of Central Asian International Trading LLC-UAE and The Richmond Group. He is a tribal leader of over two million people living in the South Eastern regions of Afghanistan. He has been involved in humanitarian and aid projects and has also appeared on public stages and in western media on numerous occasions. Mr. Zazai has jointly worked with the Central Asian Development Group to implement Community Development Projects throughout Afghanistan. In addition, he created job opportunities for over 47,000 of his tribesmen in his stronghold of Paktia province from 2009 to 2012. Mr. Zazai holds a degree in the Doctorate of Law for Services to Democracies and an MA from the Dublin Metropolitan University in London, where he was also appointed an Honorary Professor of Diplomatic Studies. In addition, Mr. Zazai was educated in micro-computer management at the Herzing Institute, Canada.