Basir Yosufi


Mr. Basir Yosufi is the General Director for International Cooperation at the Ministry of Interior Affairs (MOI) of Afghanistan, where he previously worked as a Senior Policy Advisor beginning in 2010, and has significantly contributed to most of the MOI’s strategic documents. Before joining the government, he worked in private and non-governmental organizations. Mr. Yosufi holds a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in European and International Security from the University of Geneva and Geneva Center for Security Policy (2016), a Master of Science in Foreign Service in International Relations and Security from Georgetown University (2010), and a BA in Political Science from Delhi University (2006). Mr. Yosufi is a Fulbright alumnus and has received several awards including SFS Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence and the University of Geneva award for the MAS Most Outstanding Research Paper. His research interests are security issues in Central and South Asia, counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency and security sector reform.