Hamid Saboory


Mr. Hamid Saboory is the Founder and CEO of Strategic Analysis for Peace and Stability (SAPS), a specialized consulting company that provides strategic analysis and assessment for the security sector in Afghanistan. He is also a visiting lecturer of Constitutional and International Law at Kardan University where he previously served as the Dean of the Law Faculty. Prior to this, Mr. Saboory served as a Country Director for the International Center for Human Rights and Democratic Development, a Canadian NGO, and as an Acting Director of Strategic Communication in the Office of the National Security Council of Afghanistan. Mr. Saboory is a regular contributor to Foreign Policy, The Diplomat and Huffington Post, focusing on regional political, security and strategic issues. Mr. Saboory holds an MA in Near Eastern Studies from New York University (2009), an MA in International Relations from Syracuse University (2009) and a BA in Law from Kabul University (2002).