Eduard Abrahamyan


Dr. Eduard Abrahamyan is a Programs Coordinator at the Council for Cooperation with NATO and Euro-Atlantic Affairs Program Chair at Armenian Research and Development Institute, both based in Yerevan. His areas of interest include security challenges of the Black Sea Region, conventional deterrence, NATO-Russia relations, national security and regional conflicts. Dr. Abrahamyan is a contributing analyst for the Jamestown Foundation, Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst, The National Interest, Defense One and other publications. He is also a military expert at the Armed Forces Assessment Desk for IHS Market (Jane’s Intelligence). Dr. Abrahamyan holds a post-graduate diploma in International Relations and Security from the University of Westminster, London, UK (2014), a PhD in Military History from the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia (2009), and an MA and BA in International Relations and Politics from Yerevan State University. Since 2016, Dr. Abrahamyan has been a researcher at the Department of Intelligence, Security and Strategic Studies at the University of Leicester, UK.