Mr. Zaur Shiriyev is an Academy Associate at the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) in London and a Senior Research Fellow at ADA University in Baku. Prior to joining ADA in 2014, he worked as a leading Research Fellow at the Center for Strategic Studies (SAM) in Baku, a Researcher at the Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies in Istanbul and a Senior Researcher at the International Strategic Research Organization in Ankara. He also has been the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the foreign policy journal, Caucasus International. Mr. Shiriyev holds an MS in Political Science from the University of Ankara, Turkey (2008) and a BA in International Relations from Baku State University (2004). Mr. Shiriyev is the author of numerous articles and commentaries and has co-edited: “The Geopolitical Scene of the Caucasus: A Decade of Perspectives” (Istanbul, 2013) and “Energy Security and Geopolitics in Southeast Europe and Azerbaijan” (Washington, D.C., 2015).