Mr. David Oniani is an Advisor for Strategic Planning and Funding at the Georgian State Oil and Gas Corporation (GOGC), where his responsibilities include commercial and external affairs of the company, project assessment and evaluation, international relations, capital debt management and business strategy development. Mr. Oniani works closely with the Ministry of Energy of Georgia and other relevant state agencies on industry development and energy policy issues. Mr. Oniani has held various managerial positions at GOGC since its inception in 2007 and served as the State Representative in international energy projects. Previously, Mr. Oniani worked as a fiscal expert at Development Alternatives, Inc., and for the Fiscal Administration Project at the World Bank in Washington, D.C., where he provided country risk analysis and creditworthiness studies, commodity analysis and trade policy development research. Mr. Oniani holds a Master of Public Finance from Indiana University, Indiana (2005) and a BS in Applied Mathematics and Engineering from Georgia Technical University (2001).