Dr. Irakli Laitadze is the Chief Financial Officer of GMT Mtatsminda, LLC. Previously, he worked as the Deputy CFO of the GMT Group, a leading private sector investor in Georgia. He has also worked for the Belgian company, Group Thermote & Vanhalst. Additionally, Dr. Laitadze has worked in the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the Mission of Georgia to the European Union, and at the Embassy to Benelux countries. From 2009 to 2011, Dr. Laitadze was the local expert of the London-based company, Exclusive Analyst, which forecasts commercially relevant political and violent risks worldwide. Dr. Laitadze holds a PhD in Humanities from Free University of Tbilisi (2018), an MBA from the University of Cambridge, UK (2003), a Diploma from the Diplomatic School of Madrid, Spain (1997) and a BA in Economic and Social Geography from Tbilisi State University, Georgia (1993).