Dr. Khatuna Mshvidobadze is a Principal at Cyberlight Global Associates in McLean, VA, an Adjunct Professor on cyber security at Utica College, NY and a Senior Fellow at the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies in Tbilisi, Georgia. Previously, Dr. Mshvidobadze was an Advisor to the Office of the Minister of Defense of Georgia and Deputy Director of the Information Centre on NATO. She has published articles on cyber security and geopolitical issues in Georgian and international media, and is an author of numerous expert opinion papers, monographs and training courses on cyber issues. Dr. Mshvidobadze holds a PhD in Political Science from Georgian Technical University (2013), an MBA from the Caucasus School of Business (2008) and a BA in English from Tbilisi State University (2001). She also holds an MS in Cyber Forensics and Intelligence from Utica College, NY (2014), where her thesis was on Russian cyber threats to its neighbors and to the United States.