Ms. Tamar Kekenadze is the Secretary General and Member of the Board of the Free Democrats Political Party. Before joining the party in February 2015, she was a Civilian Representative of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia to NATO and the EU. Previously, she served as Head of the Euro-Atlantic Integration Division at the Ministry of Defense of Georgia. Prior to that, Ms. Kekenadze worked for five years in civil society organizations on national and international levels. In 2008, she was awarded the “Young European of the Year” Prize for outstanding commitment to fostering international understanding and the union of Europe. In 2009, she was privileged as a non-EU member country representative to intern in the Cabinet of the President of the European Parliament. Ms. Kekenadze is currently pursuing her PhD in Economics, and holds an MA in Computer Engineering, Information Science and Control Systems (2006) as well as a BA in Computer Systems and Networks (2003), all from Georgian Technical University.