Mr. Aziz Soltobaev is Co-Founder and Chairman of Svetofor Group in Bishkek, which unites several online companies operating in the trading, e-commerce, IT and system integration areas in Central Asia and China. He is also Co-Founder of KG Labs Public Foundation, which seeks to boost the startup ecosystem in Kyrgyzstan through policy making and event activities; Co-Founder of the Kyrgyz Chapter of the Internet Society, which aims to improve connectivity of the country with global networks; and a Managing Partner in BOT Systems Venture Fund, which is designed to invest in disruptive technologies relevant to Central Asia. As an expert in information technologies, private equity and venture capital, Mr. Soltobaev actively promotes entrepreneurship in Kyrgyzstan and the region by giving guest lectures in leadership and entrepreneurship, providing trainings, and participating in different startup events. He also advises policy makers on economic reforms. Mr. Soltobaev holds a BA in Economics from the American University of Central Asia in Bishkek (1999).